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How Good Quality a Gucci Marmont Replica Can Be? (Review from Gucci Expert)

I really needed to get a good quality replica of Gucci Marmont bag and I eventually found this one after going through a lot of reviews and guides on fake Gucci handbags. With this GucciHunter.ru version I feel I got the very best quality copy I could find. I bought the bag for my friend’s birthday so it had to be a great replica, and I think this one is the best out there.

Medium size: 12"W x 7.5"H x 3"D
Price: $428 paid via PP.
Shipping:  EMS shipping was free to the USA.

quality gucci marmont replica review


This Gucci Marmont knockoff is amazing. It is extremely high quality with perfect stitching throughout. The color is perfect and the leather is great quality, soft and very smooth. The hardware on the bag is impossible to differentiate between authentic Gucci merchandise, it is very detailed and the whole product is extremely well put together. The bag and the strap have good weight and quality. 

quality gucci marmont replica review


I wanted to buy my friend a really good quality replica Gucci bag and because I owned a genuine Gucci bag myself I used it to check all of the details of this bag. I also checked every picture I could find on line and I think this bag is pretty accurate in terms of shape and size. The stitching is all immaculately aligned and the detailing and hardware are also very accurate. Even tiny details like the size and shape of the GGs really hold up to scrutiny and the heart on the rear of the bag is nicely shaped and placed.

quality gucci marmont replica review

Fake vs. Real

I did find another authentic Gucci purse and I was pretty shocked at how bad the quality is. The grommets locations are different on both sides and the left one is almost touching the seam of the smaller chevron below it. The right grommet is placed in the center of the chevron. There are other misalignments too where the left grommet is placed at the first peak of the chevrons on the left but after the peak on the right and they are located more centrally on the bag. This is a really bad image to use to advertise this bag. 

Happy Purchase

My friend had been waiting a GG bag for a long time but it was so expensive that neither she nor I wanted to pay that amount of money for an genuine bag. She fell in love with this Gucci replica Marmont bag as soon as she saw it, in fact she cried with joy when she opened her gift.


Ellis is really great to deal with, answers all your questions and is really straight forward in his approach, being totally approachable and friendly. I could also use PP to pay which made me feel more comfortable and they also shipped the bag free via EMS shipping to the US.